Portrait of Wenche Selmer.
Ph: © E. Grønli
In this presentation of Trosterudstien 1 we have chosen to focus on Wenche Selmer as an architect. It is important to underline that her husband, Jens Selmer, also a renowned architect, designed Trosterudstien 1 together with his wife. Nevertheless, Trosterudstien 1 clearly reflects Wenche Selmer as an architect.
Wenche Selmer was the daughter of the barrister Herman Foss Reimers (1874-1961) and Bibbi Næss (1881-1945). She was a student at the National College of Art and Design (SHKS), Department of Building, in 1945. >>

born in Paris.   1926
graduated from the National College of Art and Design (SHKS).   1945
diploma from the Course for War-Struck Architectural Students.   1946
married Jens Selmer and established her own practice.   1954
received the Sundt Prize together with husband Jens Selmer for outstanding architecture for Trostedrudstien 1.   1963
received the Timber Award together with Jens Selmer.   1969
taught at Oslo School of Architecture.   1976-87
received the Norwegian State scholarship for older artists.   1993
died in Oslo.   1998