Nicos Valsamakis, the son of Andreas Valsamakis of an established shipping family on the island of Cephalonia, and Penelope Lazarides, grew up in the centre of Athens, where his office has been located since 1961. As a youngster, he loved to draw, and in 1945 he enrolled at the School of Architecture at the Athens Metsovio Polytechnic School. > NEXT

received a medal for bravery during the war.   1949
opened his private architectural office in Athens, where he still practises.   1953
Vice-President of the Greek Architectural Association.   1961
member of the Greek Architectural Society.   1977
Honorary Degree from the Aristotelian University of Salonika.   1991
Daidalos, a tourist village for Robinson Club in Kos, was elected a finalist for the 'Mies Van Der Rohe Pavilion Award for European Architecture'.   1992
founding member of the Greek Institute of Architecture.   1995
awarded Distinction in Letters and Arts the Greek Academy for his architectural work.   1999
Honorary Degree from the Architectural School of the National Technical Polytechnic School in Athens.   2001